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Tour Operator is the person or organization who buy individual travel services ( travel and accommodation ) from direct suppliers (transport company or hotel) and they combine in a package ( ” tour” ), which is sold directly to customers through intermediaries with commission . Although described usually as a wholesale – ist, a tour operator is actually a producer of travel products, whose activities can be compared with other parts assemblers products (manufacturers of engines for cars or those who edit books). In other words , tour operator is the person who made ​​service packages or travel arrangements but also large tourist companies.


one week Romania tour

In fact , the difference between travel agencies and tour operators is that the latter are large companies, a kind of manufacturer and supplier of tourist activity nationally and internationally, covering the needs of tourism market with packages on a period of 12 months.

Romanian tour operator is a tour operator for Romania, intended primarily for foreign tourists who want to visit Romania in one week Romania tour or 10 days Romania tour, or visit Bucharest. A tour operator for Romania offers attractive packages for foreign tourists , knowing people’s favorite locations, services offered by Romanian hosts (Bucharest hotels, Bucovina hotels, Sinaia hotels, Mamaia hotels).

The reasons why it is good for tourist to go to a Romanian tour operator, instead of organizing a single deal holidays are :

  • accommodation : tour operators acquire a considerable contingent of rooms long before . They guarantee tourist accommodation in the most popular holiday destinations which otherwise might not be available when deciding on your vacation ;


  • reduce : the negotiations that they do, tour operators get major discounts they pass on tourists. These vacation packages can be 25 % cheaper than the alternative of direct purchase travel services they are made ;


  • accessibility : as part of a package holiday are visiting popular attractions or engage in amusement  too which otherwise tourists would have more difficult access ;


  • Comfort : voyages have the advantage of performing a single lump sum payment for all services and amenities included, which saves tourist from buying each service and making sure each party payments ;


  • diversity : journeys flat offers all the services, attractions and facilities available in the area, which would be difficult to get a tourist on their own;


  • Financial security : provides the relevant legislation.


You need to get the Romanian tour operator tourism offers!