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Hello everybody! My name is Chloe Green and I am very happy that at last I can share with you my amazing life-changing experience. I am my own boss, and I am working and managing a beauty saloon in Boston. I try to keep up with everything that is new in fashion, be ready for any changes that may appear in the beauty industry and also try to use them in my own saloon. It is not so simple to maintain yourself in the top, but it is not impossible either. And I am saying this because I managed to do it. Let me tell you how I found out about Microblading Academy USA and how much it changed my mindset and perception about this domain.


I think that anybody feels at one moment in life the need for a change. It was the same for me. I wanted to do innovative things, to bring that “extra thing” to my saloon. The reality was that I was afraid not fall behind in this field. So I started to search on the internet for new and exciting things in the field of beauty, latest trends, and how I can make the customers of my saloon even happier. Even if I was familiarized with the microblading method, I didn’t knew all about it, so I needed to learn more to feel confident, to feel absolutely invincible.

I discovered a lot of good things about the PhiBrows Academy and Frank Prsa, who is the inventor of this technique and the person that shares all his knowledge with his students. So I have decided to attend the microblading courses offered by Microblading Academy USA  in New York, and to learn with the best, the masters in this domain.


During the course, I learned everything about microblading, with absolutely nothing left to be explained, and I find it incredible how these people manage to work with so much professionalism, to be so involved and to transform the students into the best microblading technicians out there.

I don’t know if simple thanks are enough for all that Frank Prsa and his team taught me, for the fact that I can now accomplish things that I can be proud of, that my beauty saloon enjoys such a great success, that I can finally make people feel beautiful, happy, and smiling when they leave my saloon!