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Eyebrows play a very important role, because apart from changing completely the appearance of a person, their perfection is also a big trend nowadays, and depending on their thickness, they can highlight the most beautiful features, and also outline and shape a person’s face. Some eyebrow shapes can completely transform your expression, so you can appear to be angry, curios, or even puzzled, until a correct eyebrow shape will restore your serene appearance. Microblading specialists can transform even the most unappealing eyebrows into very very beautiful and natural ones, that can be in perfect harmony with your general appearance.

Microblading Academy USA trains the best microblading technicians and transforms the eyebrow drawing method into an art. The professionals that want to specialize can learn more and become specialists in microblading so that they can be ready for any challenges. Many choose the PhiBrow Academy because they understood what professionalism is all about, because they know they will learn from the best in business and that themselves they will be able to offer the best services.


Microblading is a manual eyebrow reconstruction technique that is performed with a pencil-shaped instrument, which has at its base a single-use blade formed from very thin needles. This helps in producing very thin hair in the eyebrows. The pigments used in the microblading technique are vegetable-based and they don’t contain iron, which means that the eyebrows will always look the same and their color won’t change over time. Microblading USA uses the best materials for its courses, along with high quality pigments, so that you will learn all about microblading while using the best tools for the best results.

The results of microblading are amazingly natural, because the shape, the symmetry , and the color of the eyebrows are just perfect. Microblading Academy USA is targeting professionals and all those that want to specialize in this domain by perfecting their technique and learning new practical things about microblading.


Frank Prsa is the one that organizes course, seminars, and workshops all over the world. Just keep an eye on PhiBrow Academy to learn all about the new events. In January next year there is an event that will be held in Los Angeles, and those that are interested can visit www.shopmicroblading.com to ask for further details regarding the date, prices, unfolding, and even about courses that will be organized in other cities.