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The PhiBrows Academy is the best choice if you choose to specialize in microblading, and this because at the foundation of the project is Frank Prsa, master in this field, and the one that introduced this new eyebrow reconstruction technique on the market. Microblading Academy USA is the place from where this technique started to take off, to be introduced on the market and to be acknowledged by the whole world. If you want to learn microblading tricks and solutions to cover the empty spaces from the eyebrows, or eyebrow scars and to discover a way to reconstruct them so they will look very natural, then PhiBrows Academy will offer you the best information about this field.


Microblading Academy USA offers the most solid knowledge base, the newest and most interesting concepts in this domain, and the discovery of simple and practical methods through which any eyebrows can be modified and transformed so they will look as natural as possible. Microblading is an eyebrow drawing technique that can result in even thinner hair than the natural one, and the result is a spectacular, natural, perfect eyebrow.

Frank Prsa is one of the few PhiBrow masters that teaches microblading all across the globe, and enjoys a tremendous success. The students have the best results and they are very happy about the general course ambiance and the way that the classes are conducted. If you are interested in the classes offered by the PhiBrows Microblading Academy, you can access our website http://www.shopmicroblading.com, where you can find all the required information, locations, date, hour, and you can also call the dedicated phone number where you will always find someone to explain anything that you didn’t understood.


Microblading Academy USA eagerly awaits to train new students, and to offer precious information about this hyper-realistic eyebrow stylisation technique. PhiBrows Academy will only offer the most up-to-date information and a whole bag of tricks from the best in business. All the courses are organized in a relaxed ambiance, so you won’t even notice when the time has passed so quickly and how many new things have you learned.

The courses offered by Microblading Academy USA together with the workmanship of a beautician or make-up artist can perform miracles. During the courses, there will always be someone present to explain everything, to make sure that you will understand, to help you put into practice everything that you learned, and to teach the microblading method at a superior level, and not just as a simple eyebrow tattoo technique.