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The eyebrows in general have always been a chore. No one has perfectly shaped eyebrows, so lots of outlining and modifications are needed, both with the eyebrow pencil and the makeup kit to make them look aesthetically pleasing. If you got tired of losing precious time in front of the mirror modifying your eyebrows, then it is the right time to try a new and innovative technique that not only will help you save time but also will transform your eyebrows and bring forth the most beautiful features of your face.


The microblading is a latest generation procedure that can restore the shape of a 100% natural eyebrow. The best technicians got the Phibrows certificate attending Francek Prsa’s academy, the one that introduced the microblading to the entire world and managed to put this technique on a very important place in the beauty industry. Microblading Shop USA is targeted towards professionals that desire to work with materials of the best quality and also want to offer the best services to their customers.

If you need an assurance that the pigment will last, that its color won’t fade, that the customers will be more than pleased, and the result will be exceptional, you need to enter www.microblading.com and choose all the things you need for the microblading procedure. Microblading Shop USA offers you high quality pigments, that don’t change their color in time, and they are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. There are complete kits available, both for beginners and processionals, as well as all kinds of instruments and accessories, in a full range that covers all the demands of the microblading procedure.


Choose the microblading method If you are not happy with the shape of your eyebrows. Is a less painful procedure than the rest of the eyebrow reconstruction procedures, and one that doesn’t look like a tattoo, resulting in a very natural eyebrow. The eyebrows can look sensational, because the microblading procedure gives perfect symmetric and color. The result is exactly like you imagine it will be.

For a very well made microblading tattoo, besides the craft of the technician, your diplomas and the certifications from Phibrows, you also need quality materials, that will last in time and produce a natural result. Microblading Shop USA will guide you in the process of choosing the best instruments that will lead to a quality microblading method. Pigments, gear, instruments, needles, and blades, that will complete this innovative technique. All those that treasure perfection and exquisite results will feel the difference when they will try the products recommended by Frank Prsa and the Phibrows Academy.