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We are used to do things in a hurry and often we put quantity before quality, never thinking about how important quality is, in absolutely every domain. If we take microblading as an example and we look at it from a technician point of view, it is likely that we could earn a lot more money, but for sure we wouldn’t be able to keep our customers. There is the risk that the tattoo will start to fade after 3 months, or the pigment to be different from the natural color of the eyebrow and look unaesthetic. So even if the investment for a professional microblading kit may look costly at a first look, you will soon realize that in the long term it will bring you closer to success. Microblading Shop USA is the online shop where you can order the best products for microblading, pigments, accessories, instruments, each one of them being highly recommended by the Phibrow Academy.


Microblading is an ancient technique, used by the Japanese a few hundreds of years ago,  which was brought back to spotlight by the modern beauty masters, and used for repair the eyebrows in a natural way. The microblading process involves drawing the eyebrows hair by hair, but in a more natural way, more refined, and perfectly imitating the natural eyebrows. The technique is very simple, and is accomplished with a very fine blade attached to a pen-like instrument. Using this instrument, the pigment is inserted in the superior layer of the derma. Microblading Shop USA offers the best non-toxic and hypoallergenic pigments, but also many useful instruments made from materials of the best quality, that do not corrode and deteriorate in time.

Microblading is ideal when there are empty spaces left in the eyebrows, or symmetry defects, but can be extremely useful even when you desire a precise eyebrow contouring. The procedure is only performed by specialized technicians, and if you want to be sure of the final result always choose the technicians that have a PhiBrows specialization. The students of the academy get the best results mainly because Frank Prsa is a master in this domain, is the founder of PhiBrows Academy, the one that introduced microblading on the market and the one that knows all the tricks and secrets of this trade.


If you need updated information about microblading and if you want to use the best materials, do not hesitate to access microblading shop USA and buy the professional kits that are suited both for beginners and professionals alike. www.microblading.com will keep you up to date with the latest news about the Phibrows Academy, and about the future courses and workshops, which can be held even in your very own city.