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The eyebrows shape the aspect of the face and they highlight the beauty of the eyes. But what if the eyebrows are uneven, unattractive  and also very thin? The beauty salon clientele complains that their eyebrows don’t grow anymore and they need to define them everytime they leave home. After they tried various methods to grow back their eyebrows, such as castor oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil, they understood that the only viable solution is the microblading technique, in the hands of true professionals.


The microblading training courses offered by the PhiBrows academy are targeted towards  professionals but also towards all of those that want to improve and learn new tricks from the best in business. As opposed to other stylization techniques, the eyebrows modeled through the microblading method are the closest in aspect to the natural eyebrows. The microblading method looks complicated enough, but at a closer look you will see this is not the case, thanks to the advices offered by the master Frank Prsa, that will help you learn all the tricks of the trade, making the whole technique look more like a good learning challenge.

Lots of people that work in this field understood what professionalism really is and how much it matters to offer your clients the best services out there. Perhaps that is why more and more people choose to attend the microblading training courses organized by the PhiBrows academy.

The procedure that sits at the base of the microblading method is not painful at all. A little discomfort may appear, but it is at very tolerable levels, since the procedure is superficial, and the depth of the coloring is just between 0,3-0,1 mm. A proper and correct eyebrow shape is being drawn and established at the first meeting, then a suitable pigment is chosen, with a retouch following in four weeks. With the help of microblading you can even correct and adjust older tattoos, cover scars, and it will even correct eyebrows that have a big gap between them or don’t grow anymore, as a result of a medical condition or excessive eyebrow shaping.


Microblading is the latest technology that can help you achieve flawless, perfect eyebrows, but the technicians also play a big part in the final result. PhiBrows academy’s microblading training courses get the best results from students, and that is because they use the best materials and they offer all their attention, skills and workmanship to those that want to learn the secrets of microblading.

Since Frank Prsa has classes, seminars, and workshops all over the world, it is best to access www.shopmicroblading.com to see where the next events will take place, together with extra details.