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Microblading is an eyebrow stylization procedure achieved through the hyper-realistic technique. The result is an eyebrow that is very similar in looks with the natural eyebrow. This manual technique is a semi-permanent eyebrow drawing innovation, because it offers the possibility of achieving some very thin hair shafts, similar in curvature with the natural hair shafts. The microblading classes offered by the PhiBrows academy will introduce you to the newest semi-permanent eyebrow drawing techniques and trends. If you want to specialize in microblading then choose to learn it straight from the inventors of this technique.


The microblading training courses offered by the PhiBrows academy are the best and the most complete that you can get. Through them, you can perfect and learn the newest techniques of making eyebrows look as natural as they can be. Microblading expert Frank Prsa is the one that discovered this hyper-realistic technique and continues to offer advices in any beauty related fields. Possessing a well developed sense of the esthetic, he continues to teach microblading specialization classes and to share his trade secrets with everyone attending them. With his vast experience as a stylist and makeup artist,  Frank Prsa has a very defined vision on how the eyebrow should look in accordance with the structure of the face, in order to achieve the most natural look possible.

The PhiBrows academy prides itself with the best students and the best results. The microblading training courses offer the basics and the knowledge to start your own business, to draw to most beautiful eyebrows, and in the same time to achieve something that will make you happy.

If you want to learn from the best, if you are passionate and driven, then for sure the microblading training classes from PhiBrows academy will help you! The general class ambiance, the fact that there will be always someone with patience and focused on you to explain everything down to the smallest details, all these will help you put into practice everything you learned during classes and to better understand what microblading is all about.

PhiBrows academy held very successful classes in Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York, where all the attending students were very happy with results, with the amount of information provided to them and the way that the classes were held. You as well can attend the PhiBrows academy classes if you are interested. All you need to do is to access  www.shopmicroblading.com and check out  the future events. You can also call the academy and receive all the required details.

The classes are held by Frank Prsa, master in microblading and also the one that introduced this eyebrow reconstruction technique to the world.