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Hello, my name is Briana Anderson and I live in Los Angeles. I have been a cosmetician for more than fifteen years and I work in my own beauty saloon. I love what I do and I am passionate about beauty and everything new in this domain. I learned about the PhiBrows microblading courses from an old and trusty client of mine, and I liked so much the idea that I have decided to put in into practice. So, after a few internet searches, I came to the conclusion that it is exactly what I am interested in and the microblading training courses are very exhaustive and complete.


Immediately I called the academy to get in the next class, and they answered to all my questions.  They even explained to me some of the d that initially I didn’t understood. I got lucky and the next seminar was held in Los Angeles, so I didn’t had to travel to another city anymore. I am very enthusiastic about anything that is related with microblading, how much magic can be found in this craft, and how natural the eyebrows can look after. Improving my skills in microblading just made me happy, and now I can offer my clients the most beautiful eyebrows and restore their smile and self confidence.

I have attended the PhiBrows microblading classes and I realized that all that I knew about eyebrow sculpting represents only half  from what microblading really is: a wonderful technique that not only gives you perfect eyebrows but also can change the whole look by accentuating the most beautiful features of the face. During the classes I learned not only about microblading, but also how to improve my skills in this domain and use all the things that I learned to make people happy.


I chose the microblading training courses because they are the best out there, and even if the price will seem too steep at first, it is well worth it. Nowhere else you will find so much professionalism, dedication, hard work and patience in teaching so much information and know-how. Only from the best one you will learn the best.

Many thanks to Frank Prsa and his team for this wonderful project that changed my life. Now I can accomplish things on a superior level, I can make people happy and I can also look at my job as something full of leisure and enjoyment. I love what I do, and I want to learn even more things about microblading!