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Nobody has perfect eyebrows. Every eyebrow has flaws, visible or not, and these can affect the expression or the shape of our face. It can be hard to believe, but the eyebrows, when drawn in a natural and beautiful shape, can make someone look younger because they bring forth the beauty of that person and also manage to hide all the small imperfections. From now on you don’t have to struggle anymore with makeup and eyebrow pencils to mask all the imperfections. The microblading process and a technician’s craftsmanship can make your eyebrows to look natural and beautiful.

Phibrows certification course USA is the warranty that the technician you are frequenting is the best in microblading. You can get this certification if you join the courses offered by the Phibrows Academy. The courses are taught by Frank Prsa, master in microblading, and the one that brought this technique on the market. The classes are aimed towards professionals, towards those that want to hone their skills and to learn from the best, so that they use only the correct techniques and achieve the most beautiful and exquisite eyebrows.


Even if you are working in this domain for a long time, even if you think you know so many things that nothing will take you by surprise anymore, there it comes the microblading technique along with lots of well guarded secrets. Phibrows masters and Phibrows Certification Course USA unveil the newest tricks in the trade, but also old secrets, now rediscovered, which bring allot to the table and define what microblading is today. The results of the microblading method are totally different from a simple eyebrow tattoo. It just looks perfectly natural and genuine in all the aspects, including shape, symmetry and color.

The procedure involved in the microblading method is not complicated at all and it is even more simple than other procedures. It is also very purposeful, because it can achieve very thin hair that can perfectly imitate the natural eyebrow.


Phibrows Academy is organizing courses and seminars all over the world, and with the help of master Frank Prsa you can improve and learn the newest microblading techniques. Phibrows Certification Course USA is both a certification and an assurance for the students that they will learn from the best in business and in return they will be able to offer themselves the best services.

Choosing microblading over any other eyebrow drawing technique is the only way to have eyebrows that will look as natural and perfect as they can, while also hiding any of their flaws.