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Hello. My name is Kate Taylor and I have the honor to introduce you to my uplifting story. Don’t ever imagine that I was on the highest cliffs all the time. I worked allot to reach where I am today, I learned, I documented myself, and everyday I did something for my career as a makeup artist. I started on this path from pure passion for beauty, for the aesthetic, but meanwhile I realized that what I do is not enough for me or for my clients. I needed a fresh start, I needed to learn new and innovative things, and that’s why, with hope and a lot of thrust, I chose Phibrows Certification Course USA.


Is not by chance that I chose Phibrows Academy. Besides the fact that I have received lots of recommendations, I could see what the students are capable of after they finish the microblading courses, and I understood that nobody but a master in this domain can offer you the same amount of information and tricks. Frank Prsa discovered by himself the hidden mysteries of microblading and he also shares everything, up to the last piece of information, because he wishes that all the students that attend the Phibrows Academy to do their best.

Do you want to know what I learned during the microblading courses? Before I attended the course I thought I knew everything about this field of work. I was working with eyebrows for a long time but I never imagined that I can make any eyebrow look so natural. I don’t think I could ever chose a better training. I have accumulated so much information about microblading that I can say for sure that the Phibrows Academy instructors are the best, and I learned from THEM.


Phibrows Certification Course USA is not just a simple degree, because it can perform wonders. It changed my perspective and now I have a totally new perception about eyebrows. Now I can look at every person that walks on the street and know the eyebrow shape that is right for them. The clients that visit my beauty saloon are not just delighted, but also thrilled about my work and the results it produces.

As soon as I finished the Miami microblading course, I started to receive more customers and I can’t even manage to keep up with the growing demand. I want to say thanks to Frank Prsa and to his entire team for bringing color into my life. Thanks to that, now I am happy, fulfilled, and this is reflecting into all the things that I make and especially in the smiles of my customers.