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The investment in quality often represents a launch opportunity, especially in the field of beauty. Many people desire a quality make-up, which will last, a beautiful hairstyle for an event, but one that will resist. Same with the eyebrows and their drawing techniques. The microblading method, besides the fact that offers beautiful eyebrows, in perfect harmony with the structure of the face, also manages to live up to its full expectations. That means quality and durability. You will never be put in a situation when your eyebrows will suffer from discoloration, will present shape changes, or will modify their color. Microblading starter kits, a product recommended by the Phibrows Academy, can be extremely useful at the start of a successful career in the beauty field, giving you the chance to draw some really spectacular eyebrows.


If from the start you want to learn from the best in the field, always choose Phibrows Academy, run by Frank Prsa. This way you will learn all the details that sit at the base of the microblading process, all the secrets of being successful in this business, and getting to learn about the instruments that you need to reach that success. Microblading starter kits is the best kit for beginners, because it comes with all the required instruments and accessories, all long lasting and made from materials of the best quality.

For all of those that have eyebrows that don’t grow anymore, or they are unaesthetic, full of empty spaces or scars, the microblading method comes to the rescue. With the help of this wonderful technique, the eyebrows will look perfect again. Drawing the eyebrows using the microblading technique is simple, because it produces hair thinner than the natural one, with the final result being just astounding.

Microblading starter kits shouldn’t be missing from a technician’s tool choices, especially one that knows the importance of quality. Pigments, needles, pencils,and the rest of the needed accessories are made from the best materials on the market, with the pigments being 100% organic, that do not give any allergic reactions and do not change color and composition in time.


Microblading starter kits are recommended by the master Frank Prsa. You can buy it online, from http://www.shopmicroblading.com, where you can also find exclusive information about the next academy events, courses, workshops, and news.

The most vigilant eyes will spot the beautiful and natural eyebrows, contrasting with the physiognomy, and to achieve this a visit to the nearest technician trained at the Phibrows Academy is needed. You will surely be impressed with the result, and in time you will be able to tell the difference between an eyebrow tattoo and a microblading session.