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Eyebrow fixing became one of the most annoying things, that makes us lose precious time in front of the mirror everytime when we want to leave the house. As much as we wish to hurry up when we are late, the eyebrow problem keeps us from achieving that. We cannot go out with thin and unaesthetic eyebrows, because it doesn’t fit our look and it is not trendy either. One of the neatest tricks, and also the latest offers on the market, is the microblading method, which can be described as an eyebrow tattoo that manages to draw the hair much thinner than the natural one, and manages to color it identically. The eyebrows drawn with this method are so well made that they look 100% authentic. With the help of the Phibrows Academy, and their microblading starter kits, the beauty technicians manage to draw and proportion perfectly even the most difficult eyebrows.

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Microblading came into being several hundreds of years ago, and it was invented by the Japanese. This method was relaunched on the market and adapted to our times by the master Frank Prsa and the Phibrows Academy. The technique involved in the microblading method is all manual, and the instruments and accessories are from the latest generation.The microblading starter kits are ideal tools for the practicing this new technique, and once you got used with the instruments you will handle them exactly like a professional. Once you achieved this, you are ready to try the professional kits, or other pigment tints.

The perfect and without-faults eyebrows are not a myth. They can be drawn using the microblading method, and with results that look as natural as the real eyebrows. Usually you cannot tell the difference between a drawn eyebrow and a natural one. Every good technician needs quality products to make his work easier, better, and more spectacular. That’s why no compromise must be made when buying a microblading starter kit from http://www.shopmicroblading.com.


A degree in microblading is very important, as a good start can bring you many advantages. The courses organized by the Phibrows Academy are worth every penny, passion and effort, because you will learn the most hidden secrets of the microblading method and reach new heights in your career.

Choose the microblading starting kits to understand the technique, to get used with the instruments, and get familiar with the pigments and the accessories. Then, you can make the jump to a professional kit. With the help of microblading you won’t need eyebrow products anymore. The eyebrow pencil and the makeup will end up being quite useless and you can go out without wasting so much time in front of the mirror.