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Hello, beautiful people! My name is Emily Evans, and to my joy and luck I live in New York. This city is offering me more than I could ever imagine. I would like to tell you how luck found me exactly when I wasn’t expecting nothing from life anymore. I work for many years by now in a beauty saloon, and I do many things, but I felt that I wasn’t progressing with any of the things I learned. Even if the eyebrow tattooing techniques are quite familiar for me and I managed to fix several eyebrow imperfections through my career, if we are to compare it with the microblading method, it doesn’t come even close. I learned about microblading from the masters of the Phibrows Academy. Now, you are wondering how did I manage to attend these microblading courses? One moment of wondering, a huge yearning to get better, to evolve in my career, made me get informed about this new eyebrow drawing technique, and after, I also found out about the master Frank Prsa.


Don’t imagine that during the course you will receive only information about the eyebrow drawing technique. You will also be informed about the microblading starter kits, so that you won’t have any questions left at the end of the courses. You will also know exactly how to begin the procedure and what to do so that the end results will be nothing short of spectacular. Not all the products and accessories made for microblading are good. The ones that are truly professional products are those recommended by the Phibrows Academy and found online at http://www.shopmicroblading.com. During your search for professional products, you will often find many specialized websites that have lower prices. Don’t get fooled and only choose quality.

The Microblading Starter Kits are recommended for technicians that are at the start of their career. Included in the package is everything that you need to start your journey in this beauty field: needles, pigments, compass, pencil, and all sorts of necessary accessories. Meanwhile, you can make the pass to the professional kits, which contain more pigments, more tints, more needles, and even the new instruments recommended by the Phibrows Academy.


After I finished Phibrow’s microblading courses, I can say with my hand on my heart that my life, my career, and even my state of mind radically changed. I do everything with pleasure, craving, skill, and with the help of the microblading starter kits I do a wonderful job. I take pride with my portfolio, and my clients are very happy with their eyebrows, and the fact that they don’t need anymore to sit for hours in front of the mirror just to contour them.