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A good technician always uses all the available resources to reach the result desired by the client, but also to add one more trophy to his portfolio. That’s why, besides his talent, workmanship, and experience, he always uses the microblading products from Phibrows Academy. Especially the pigments are of unquestionable quality, they apply very well on the skin, they don’t change their color over time, and they do not oxidize. They are long lasting in comparison with other products, that will lose their color after a few months and make the tattoo look like a nightmare.


Many estheticians from all over the world use the microblading products to their advantage, after they have been introduced to the products by the best in the field, the people that managed to launch an innovative technique on the market, and bring joy to all of those that wish for a change and desire perfect eyebrows. Phibrows Academy takes pride in forming  the best students and technicians, after the microblading courses are over.

A properly executed microblading process should be a perfect fit with the look of that person, and to produce very natural looking eyebrows, with the pigment’s color being a perfect match,  and its resistance oblivious to the pass of time. For this to become real, you need the best available pigments and accessories. You can buy all the microblading products from our site: http://www.shopmicroblading.com, where you can find not only pigments, needles and instruments, but also full kits for beginners and professionals alike.


Microblading is a hyper-realistic reconstruction and redrawing technique for eyebrows with visible empty spaces, symmetry defects, and scars. It is the most natural technique available on the market, because it manages to replace in a perfect fashion the natural hair, drawing thinner hair than the natural one. Microblading can also be called a “beautification technique”, because it can bring back the younger appearance of a face, and rediscover all its beautiful and warm features.

As a conclusion, microblading is the most suited technique for your eyebrows, because it succeeds to transform them without giving them that obvious tattoo look. With this drawing method, your eyebrows will look just fantastic. Choose the microblading products if you want to have the best results and you also want your customers to be pleased everytime.