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Many people stay away from eyebrow tattoos and that is because they are thinking at all sorts of colors and weird shapes that they saw. That fear that the eyebrows can be very black, with a tint of blue or violet, that the overall shape can be too square or arched, it can make many persons categorically say no to an eyebrow tattoo, even one made by a professional. If you have doubts about getting an eyebrow tattoo, here are a few reasons why to choose the microblading process: it is a new hyper-realistic eyebrow drawing method, it is as natural as it can be, it holds in time, and it doesn’t change its color. All these wonderful things can happen thanks to the technician’s workmanship and the quality of the microblading products from Phibrows.


Microblading belongs to the eyebrow tattoos category, but it adds a whole new dimension to it. This method manages to draw hair way thinner than the natural one, which makes the tattoo look very subtle. The biggest advantage of microblading is the fact that you can have perfect eyebrows each day, without having to spend time and effort in front of the mirror. This will save you a tremendous amount of time that you can use in other ways. If you are worried about the cost of a microblading session, just think about how much are you spending each month on eyebrow stylizationand special makeup products.

The microblading products from Phibrows Academy are ideal products, quality and durability wise. Compared with other products, they are amazing, they have a WOW effect, and they last in time without the need of constant retouches or corrections. An experienced technician will always know what products to use to get the best results.


Microblading products are aimed towards professionals, offering a vast range of products at the highest standards, from pigments of various tints to needles and all sorts of required accessories. You can keep in touch with all the future Phibrows events on http://www.shopmicroblading.com, where you can also buy all the products needed for a successful microblading procedure.

Inside Phibrow Academy, microblading master Frank Prsa will share with you all the secrets of success, but also all his little microblading tricks, at the events that he is organizing in numerous cities across the globe. You can be as well the future student of the academy if you enroll at the next course presided by Frank Prsa.