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Hello. I would like to start by introducing myself, so that you can make an idea about who I am, what my values are, and what I recommend from the bottom of my heart. My name is Brian Thompson, I live in Washington DC and since ever I have been passionate about anything related with beauty, makeup, cosmetics, aesthetics, and hair styling. I do not belong to the classic esthetician category, which means I am not a chique lady always dressing according to the latest trends, but I manage to keep pace with the ladies. Sometimes I even break these barriers, creating beautiful things with my own hands.

Not longtime ago I discovered the microblading method. Even if I was well accustomed with the classical eyebrow tattoo procedure, I can tell you that I felt like a novice when I started to attend the courses held by the Phibrows Academy. I never thought that in this domain I can still stumble upon something that will amaze me. The whole microblading technique is just amazing, and I managed to learn all its secrets from the best in the field, the master Frank Prsa.


For sure, the technique learned during the microblading courses sits at the base of this method, but the microblading products also helped me allot. You can order them from the official website of Phibrow Academy. For the beginning, you can choose the starter kit, and soon as you feel ready, make the jump to the professional kit. On the way, you can complete your kit with other needed products, such as pigments, instruments, needles, and single-use accessories.

Maybe you are asking yourself why are the microblading products made by Phibrows so special and why are they recommended by professionals all over the world? Well, these products never failed anyone and using them you get some amazing results. Any results obtained using the microblading method last more in time than you can ever imagine. The pigments are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, they do not produce any adverse reactions or allergies, and this thing gives a great feeling of safety to anyone that uses them. These products are used and recommended by processionals from all over the globe, and of course, recommended by yours truly as well. With the help of these products, and of course, Phibrows Academy, I managed make myself noticed, and take pride with the beautiful eyebrows that I make for my customers.


I want to say thanks to Frank Prsa and his whole team for granting me the opportunity to learn the secrets of microblading. I also want to say thanks for the microblading products recommendations, with the help of which I succeed to maintain the quality and the professionalism of a well executed microblading process.