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To keep up with the fashion trends, ladies often resort to a multitude of beauty tricks, which also include eyebrow tattoos. The old technique is not longer desired by anyone anymore, because it was producing a highly anesthetic intense and full blown tattoo. This is when Phibrows Academy brought on the market a true innovation in this domain, the technique called microblading. The microblading method is a manual eyebrow drawing technique that manages to produce natural looking eyebrows with natural matching colors. This eyebrow drawing process relies on information that only the masters of this field can reveal, but also on high quality instruments. The microblading pigments from Phibrow Academy are a guarantee that the tattoo will hold its quality and durability for more than 2 years, and that the different pigment colors involved in the process won’t fade or oxidize in time.


The perfection of an eyebrow tattoo has its base in talent and dedication, but also in possessing the correct information associated with this method. Choosing the best academy in the world is a logical step ahead towards that perfection, and Phibrows Academy is the one you need. The academy is run by Frank Prsa, a master in this domain, and the one that brought this wonderful eyebrow tattoo technique into the attention of the whole world.


Because both the technique and the instruments play such an important role, the dedicated microblading pigments must not miss from your microblading kit. The pigments are 100% organic, they do not cause any undesired effects, they do not oxidize, and they do not fade in time. They are the best pigments available on the market and they are used by all the students of Phibrows Academy and by all masters that work in this domain. You can find all the equipment that you need on http://www.shopmicroblading.com. Needles, accessories, and many other tools are available for purchase, and for beginners, especially created kits just for them, containing everything you need to start in this domain.


The microblading pigments are recommended by specialists from all over the world, and especially by the one that played such a big part in its revival, the master Frank Prsa. With his help, many estheticians rediscovered the passion for their craft, and clients are simply ecstatic by enjoying their beauty once again, appreciating themselves for what they are, and taking many photos.

Do you desire beautiful and natural looking eyebrows, that will match your aspect? Look for the best esthetician in town and also make sure he has a Phibrows Academy diploma. This way you will have the guarantee of a quality tattoo, made with Phibrows products, but also a resilient tattoo, that will not fade in time.