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Do you want your eyebrow tattoos to endure in time? Do you want them to look as natural as possible? Do you want to skip the whole eyebrow contouring process everytime you want to go out? Here is a very modern solution to this problem, ideal for correcting the shape of the eyebrows, filling the empty spaces, but also allows for better eyebrow contouring. The microblading method is a manual eyebrow drawing technique that made waves all over the world and continues to make people happy. The course organized by the Phibrows Academy are targeted towards professionals, and they teach you new techniques and secrets, but also a great amount of advises related with the microblading pigments, blades, and accessories.


You will reach a point where you will feel that you have truly mastered the technique, and gained enough experience using it, but you will always need the best microblading materials, or take the risk of making an anesthetic tattoo, that will have a very dark color and fade after a few weeks. The microblading pigments are especially made so that this technique will be flawless, and also to make easier the job for the working professionals.


Can the eyebrows change the aspect of a person? Well, an eyebrow that is more arched than the usual, or one that is thinner or thicker, can radically change the look of a person. The shape of the eyebrows can make us seem astonished, sullen, upset, and even tired, because it is a  feature that defines the overall aspect of our face. So it is very important that the eyebrows are drawn in a proper fashion, according with that person’s facial features. The microblading method manages to fix any eyebrow, to fill the empty spaces and even modify the original shape with one that is more suited to your facial structure.

The microblading pigments are extremely necessary when you desire quality above anything else. This translates into a tattoo that will stand the test of time, won’t change its color, and won’t deteriorate after just a few months. The eyebrows that are manually drawn using the microblading method are so natural that can be mistaken with the original ones, and that is because this method can produce thinner hair, with the color being the same.


You can purchase pigments, needles, instruments, accessories, and even entire kits for advanced or beginners, straight from our website: http://www.shopmicroblading.com, where you can also find information about the latest events organized by the Phibrows Academy, which can be held even in your city. If you have any questions or other queries you can access the contact page, where you can find a phone number and an e-mail address, so that you can receive the answer in no time, from our specialists.