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Hello! My name is Evelyn Robinson and I am writing these lines from the desire of making people happier, accomplished and confident in their own personal values. These are not some psychology-type of advises or theoretical ideas that you simply cannot put into practice. The advises I am giving are based on life changing experience, that made my life better and allowed me to have more trust in myself. The most beautiful thing that can happen to a human being is to be able to do what it loves most and not to feel for one second that what he does is actual work and time wasted in an office. All these should translate for you in a desire to do as many things as you can at your workplace. You find this thing impossible to achieve? Take my example then, because I have found the recipe for success and I am impatient to share it with you.


I work in a beauty saloon for more than five years by now and I cannot say that I don’t like my job, but I never reached that stage in which I can say that I do everything from passion and pleasure without feeling for one second tired or exhausted. In the moment that I decided to do something with my career and to follow my real passions, the desire to experiment was on top of everything. That is why I chose Frank Prsa’s Phibrow Academy. It is no wonder that there is the place where I learned all the secrets of microblading, studying this technique and working right besides the best in this domain, using the best materials available. Only now I can say that I know what a tattoo made with passion really is.


Microblading pigments from the Phibrows Academy are a mush-have for anyone working with the microblading technique. Using them, I manage to draw eyebrows that are very close in looks to the natural ones, which they don’t change their color intensity and can stand the test of time for up to two years.


If you want to start a career in the microblading business you have to offer the clients the best there is, and that includes the microblading pigments, tools, blades, accessories, together with all your knowledge, talent and well-implemented ideas.

I would like to say thanks to Frank Prsa and to his entire team for the role that they played in changing my life. Now I am loving my work, and I am extremely happy when my clients are smiling when they see the results.